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About me

I got into product design by way of front end development. I find that the psychology factor in designing digital products is what that lead me to product design and ultimately realize my passion. My goal for every digital product I work on is to design and build engaging, functional and accessible user experiences that delight people and solves complex business problems. I've been lucky enough to work at great companies and work on meaningful projects. Some notable projects I've worked on are:

When I'm not working on design or coding, some other hobbies include: watching soccer games (HUUUGGEE Real Madrid and West Ham fan), video games (Apex Legends Fortnite, Fifa 20, and currently COD Warzone), watching movies (even classic 80's sci-fi movies) and checking out local breweries.

If you want to get in touch, follow me on Twitter, find me on LinkedIn or send me an email.