Calcio, Concept Soccer News App


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Lead Designer

The three main screens that users will face as they have a full experience of Calcio.


I was tasked with designing a soccer news app for a design class. This was an exciting task for me as I'm a big soccer fan and I currently use three different soccer news apps to stay up to date with the latest news in the soccer world. Wow! Three different apps for one solution and thats why I embarked on designing an app that is a one stop shop for soccer news.

The Login & Sign Up screens are simple and minimialistic design that led to less user error and confusion. The main News Tab screen and Article View are designed to make the article the main focus.

Identifying the opportunities for innovation and improvement

As I mentioned it before that I would use three different apps to get my soccer news and scores, I noticed three things that I would change or implement in my app. The first change I implemented was the search feature. This was an important feature to include as it helps guide the users throughout the app and provides a seamless and positive app experience. The second change is the filter feature that is located in the header. The filter feature is extremely helpful as the user doesn't have to go through three or more screens just to get to a specific field (ie. league, club, international) that they're looking for. The third change that I implemented was the favorite category boxes which has the users favorite team or league that they would like to follow more closely.

The Favorites tab screens were designed in a way to have the users customize their app experience to make it their own. The Search feature was created to help users navigate to their news faster. The Scores tab screens were created to make the score line between the two teams the focus and a more detailed score appears when a game is clicked.

What I Learned

What I learned from this experience was to continue using pen and paper before using sketch to plan and to understand the user flows to prevent starting over a few times before getting one feature done. I loved designing this app it helped me understand even more the importance of following the design process and trusting that even though it could take a little longer time wise, it ensures that I don't miss anything in the user flow.

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