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The first three screens are the sign in screens for someone who is a returning app user. The last screen is the first screen of the sign up process that requires the user to provide their account number and phone number.


Being a member of Apple Federal Credit Union I have grown used to having to login and doing all of my banking needs through their website or mobile version site instead of using their mobile app. But why am I using their website instead of their mobile app to do my banking? It's simple their app is heavily flawed. As just a normal person and not being a designer, the app doesn't allow me to do regular banking options such as mobile deposit, view my loans or credit cards, and just the lack of understanding your users and their needs. So I just tasked myself with designing a new mobile banking app for Apple Federal in an unofficial manner and show how I was able to research and connect the dots so that users have the ability to use this app for their necessary bank needs. This is my take on how to provide a better experience for the bank members and design an app that bridges the gap that currently exists.

The concept sign up pages for the Apple Federal Credit Union App. This step makes the user enter their member number and phone number followed by the security code to verify their identity then they enter their email and create their password. The last step is to customize their profile before being lead to the accounts overview screen.

The Fun Part, Research

The number of mobile banking users will reach two billion worldwide by 2022, according to a report from Juniper Research. With more important stats collected by Business Insider, 71% of millennials say it's very important to have a banking app, and 60% say it's very important to have an app to make payments. Having read these two articles along with tens of others and having the understanding along with the data to prove the importance of any banking apps having the necessary functions (mobile deposit, account overview, loans & credit cards, payment option, and that people expect to have.

I started the redesign of this app by creating wireframes and researching about bank apps along with writing down my ideas before I start to use Sketch.

Identifying the opportunities for innovation and improvement

The first challenge was to create a bank app that is a one stop shop for the users. As I mentioned it before the current AFCU app directs you to their mobile website if certain actions are taken and the current app can't execute it. I wanted my app to be able to process all my requests such as mobile deposit, transfers, credit cards/loans, view alerts and account overview. I want to be able to understand each screen and the options I had on each one. The second challenge was to make the overview look of the app more uniformed when accessing the different screens opposed to the current version that each screen had different design elements.

The Alerts View is one where any activity that involves the users bank account it will notify them here and serve as an account history feature that allows the user to have more of a birds eye view of their account for personal, business or just security reasons.
The Account Overview screen displays the overview of the users accounts and their balances with the transaction history. On this screen the user is allowed to view all their transaction history in three categories; withdrawals, deposits, and all view. On this screen the user has the ability to mobile deposit any checks that they want. The Trasnfer screen displays the full flow that includes the Face ID verification feature to complete transfers. The Credit Cards screen displays the users credit cards associated to the bank and their balance alongside with their transaction history. The user can see the current balance, available balance, and lastest patyment to their credit card. Alongside that the user can download their statement history and make a payment to their card.

What I learned

The first thing I learned was that designing a bank app is HARD. There's a lot to consider when designing user flows and figuring out the outcomes of each action taken by the user. Second thing I learned was that there's never a perfect banking app. The reason why I say that is because no matter how much control the banks give their members, there are just things that for security purposes that requires the member to contact the bank to do such as open a new loan account or request a new card. Lastly, having the second opportunity to tackle this assignment I definitely learned more about the process especially the research part and understanding the user and how other bank apps function and look like.

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