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Lead Designer

The first three screens that users will see as they begin their trip booking journey. The home screen displays recommended places to visit based on their previous trip history, discover feature as it pin points to the user where they could go, and lastly search on top of the page to help fastrack the user to search and book their trip as seemless as possible.


I recently traveled to Peru and flew with LATAM airlines. I noticed the bright colors that the LATAM employees were wearing and the ticket booths had and thats when I googled LATAM and I came across an article mentioning that LATAM was in a huge rebranding phase. I thought it would be a cool idea to create my take of what the LATAM app would look like. I wanted this booking app to stand out from other similar apps and really test the boundaries of what a booking app could look like.

Disclaimer I do no work for LATAM airlines or any of their affliated airlines this was purely a personal project.

These are the initial interactive experience and I wanted it to feel like a conversation was being made with LATAM and the user to create a more personal experience. The conversation continues as the user is asked where they're traveling to and when. I created suggestion boxes underneath the questions to assist the users with inputing their selection.

Identifying the opportunities for innovation and improvement

As I mentioned it before that I wanted to solve the same problem with a different solution. The airline industry is a multi-billion dollar industry but there's always been this lingering problem, Where do I purchase a ticket and is it the cheapest? Certain apps (ie. Kayak & Travelocity) have approached this issue with a search based technology to find the best deals for consumers but they have missed the design aspect of the problem. Before I started any designing or even wireframing I just downloaded all these mobile travel booking apps and visited their desktop sites to see what they looked like and how they functioned. My approach is to make the LATAM flight booking app a more interactive experience with the audience and to try a different approach to booking your flight and overall travel experience.

These are the full date selection search designs. I decided against using the traditional date picker as I feel it doesn't have the personal experience that I wanted to created. Next the user is prompted how many passengers are going and where in the cabin they would like to sit. The full search result & check out screens are displayed. The search screen before the results screen was created to allow the user to delete any of the search criteria and ultimately re-do the search process. The search result screens allow the user to see the best results based on their search criteria and organizes the results from least to most expensive.

What I Learned

What I learned from this experience was to continue doing my research before designing as I know I did more of an in depth search of other similiar apps. Second, I learned to think even more about each step the user can take and may want to take and to continue to take my personal feelings & thoughts out of the table and continue to fully empathize about the user. Third, I learned more about LATAM and their brand and their routes throughout South America. Lastly, I enjoyed completing this personal project as I feel myself getting more comfortable with the design process using my current knowledge of everything I've learned and been taught to design another way to book your flight experience was really fun and overally a great experience.

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