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Thinking about what I wanted my podcast site to look like I ended up drawing this wireframe up and pictures the side navbar along with the content on the left side of the body as the right side of the body are the list of podcast.


I stumbled upon the podcast, Coffee & Football when I read an article from the blog The Original Winger (Football Blog). I absolutely fell in love with the content being discussed its just not about current games or players it about former players or coaches or agents or executives involved in the football that tell their perspectives. I liked the site but I thought it was too bland and I wanted to create something new and different. I created a darker background to put emphasis on the content allowing it to stand out more. The user will be able to visit the site either on their computer or mobile device as I built the site in a responsive form.

The main screen is exactly what I envisioned the home page for Coffee & Football. Seamless user flow that can navigate to their select podcast and read the associated content.
The detailed screen is to focus more on the track and understand the show notes and connect with the fellow guest through any social media links.

What I Learned

What I learned from this experience was to create a better desktop design for a podcast site. Being the first time desiging one it was a great learning experience. Running through wireframes and getting down every bit of design and then building out myself using HTML,CSS, and Javascript was a great experience. If you liked my designs definitely check out the site HERE

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