RCP Sedan Transportation, Inc.


  • Branding, Creative Strategy, and Front End Development Work

Frontend Developer & Designer

The home page for the RCP website displayed the two possible user actions they can and I started the theme of being a family owned company to help promote local business over corporations like Uber or Lyft that were starting to grow at that time.


RCP Sedan Transportation, INC. was a family owned black car service business. They had been in business since 2001 until 2017 catering Ashburn, Virginia, Loudoun County and the surrounding areas. They were owned and operated by a wonderful couple from Peru. They came to this country for a better life for themselves and were interested in owning their own business. In late 2015, I met them and got to know them better and realized that I could help them grow their business by improving their digital presence and building out their brand. This was the moment were I decided to purse a freelancing career to help small businesses create and build out their digital presence.

Disclaimer: Sadly last year they had to close up shop as the business was completely overrun by the Uber & Lyft market.

The Fun Part, Research

Back in 2015, what I did was first to research other black car service websites and see what was working for them and why. I wanted to make RCP stand out from the others so that they can be the first company that people want to call. I noticed that lots of company sites weren't responsive let alone built for anyone trying to call one from their mobile phones. I gathered information and took notes about how I could build their site so that it can last for years to come without having to change it. I gathered the RCP information about their customers and came to the conclusion that 60% of their customers were transported to Dulles Airport, 28% of them were taken to Reagan National Airport, and 12% of them were taken to either Leesburg Airport or to BWI. This information was crucial to show them as we needed to cut some services that didn't need to be offered as the data didn't support them, for example a tour of washington Dc didn't make sense as it was never requested and majority of their business was towards Dulles Airport. There were many more examples of these that we needed to review and eliminate and really focus on the services that were profitable and frequently requested.

The home page displayed the background story about RCP alongside with a picture of Washington DC. The About Page again reiterated the fact that RCP was a family owned business from the Ashburn area along with their policy. The Services Page displayed all their services that were offered by RCP.

Identifying the opportunities for innovation and improvement

The current site that RCP had when I joined in 2015 was aboslutely terrible. The site had extremely poor UX, visually looked outdated and no clear design direction, and it was hard to understand what services they offered and how much it would cost the consumer. I planned and worked hard to focus on improving the overall user experience of the site and to make it a responsive, mobile first website. What I did was to follow the black car theme and have the primary color of their to be black and white with a gold color for their secondary color option. The previous RCP site had gold color and the owners wanted to carry on a bit of the old site to the new.

What I Learned

What I learned from this experience was how to work with a client and to collaborate with them to make their site what they wanted and to input my knowledge of development and design to make sure that their site properly displayed their information to the end users. I understood at that the importance of research and reading about the customers and understanding their needs and wants.

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