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Lead Designer

These are the first wireframes I created for the four main screens of the device tracking app. I wanted to create a frictionless flow where the user (nurse) can navigate through the app without any issue.


I was the freelance Product Designer for a local IoT Company and I was tasked with designing an iOS hospital device tracking app. The purpose of this app is to help hospitals and hospital staffs maintain a record system of their equipment (ie. wheelchairs, beds, pediatric beds, incubators, and more). This app is to be used and the system maintained by nurses and hospital staff members. I was involved with everything about this app meaning researching more about this problem, Wireframing, user testing, Hi-fi mockups. I reported to the head of design for this company and I worked closely with her and the engineering team.

I created a simple design system for this project that documents the color palette, typeface used with the associated type sizes. These are the various screens for the Dashboard tab. I created a card layout giving the nurse or staff member a more interactive feel and the ability to search for individual equipment using equipment numbers that each device has. Each card has an option to locate device, close alert (if any), and view all devices and their numbers. The Floor tab indicates to the user which devices are accounted for and in their designated areas and ones that are alerting the hospital to be out of place or missing. The user has the ability to filter through the list of devices and view either alerts only, accounted for alerts, and idle status as well. Along with the filter option, the user can also check all alerts by way of which floor they've selected.

Identifying the opportunities for innovation and improvement

As I mentioned it before that I wanted to solve the problem of hospitals losing track of equipment and ultimately millions of dollars. By using tracking devices attached to each equipment and creating a central hub of equipment registration and monitoring along with the front facing app that staff members and nurses can use to control more their equipment. With the design of the app, I wanted to create a frictionless user flow that allow nurses and staff members the ability to see and be alerted about possible lost equipment that are either out of their designated areas or completely out of the hospital. Having each equipment with a tracking device along with being given a equipment number I used that in the app to better manage the devices and assist everyone search directly with the equipment number and locate the device faster.

These are the screens for the Alert tab. The user is able to view, close, and locate device alerts using this tab. I created a simple Alerts tab as I know nurses and staff members have multiple tasks to do and this app is to help them reduce the amount of work they have to do.

What I Learned

What I learned from this experience was to continue doing my research before designing as I know I did more of an in depth search of other similiar apps. Second, I was able to create a solution to a problem I didn't think existed. Hospitals losing millions of dollars worth of equipment and not having a tracking system with an internal app that nurses and hospital staff can use with their devices is mind blowing to me. This technology and app design can definitely make a big impact on the hospital industry.

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